Thursday, 5 February 2015

Orthoptics Literature Searching Workshop

Hi hope you found the workshop on Wednesday useful. Here's a quick recap of some key points...


A good starting point for any literature search. Remember, use University Collections to find books and journal titles. For online journal articles use the Articles and More tab. If you're looking for a particular journal article make sure you check both our print and electronic holdings.

Always sign in before you start by clicking the University Members link and use the e-shelf to save what you find.

Google Scholar

Link up to the Library catalogue before you start searching so you can check what the Library
has access to. Never pay for anything! Go to settings/library links and search for us.

Academic Databases

Use these for when you want to do a more systematic search. Look out for the purple findit@Sheffield links to access the full-text of any articles you find.

Need help?

Check out the Information Skills Resource for all our database guides, referencing guides and other online tutorials.

And remember use your crtical thinking skills whenever you're searching for literature. Is it a reliable source? peer-reviewed? Up-to-date? Use the limiters available (e.g. date/english language/document type) whenever you do a search to get the number of results down and find whatever you need.

Any questions, get in touch!

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