Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Achieve More: Health Challenge

The Health Challenge kicks off this week and the Library is here to support you throughout your project.

Group Study Space

Book group study rooms by using 'My Rooms & Resources' (myR&R) in MUSE. There are lots of group rooms available, both at the IC and the Health Sciences Library. You can also book laptops and creative media equipment. 

Details of all Library sites and opening times are available here

Library Resources

StarPlus: You can find all the Library's resources, print and electronic, from our Library catalogue, StarPlus. Search the 'University Collections' tab for books, journals, maps, images and more. You can also use the 'Articles and More' tab to search for journal articles
and find the latest academic research. See our StarPlus tutorial for further information.

Some key resources you might want to look at include;

The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson. 
Print copies available in the IC and RHH. 

The Marmot Review
An important independent review from 2010 looking at health inequalities in England.

The Environment and Health Atlas
Online maps illustrating the geographical distribution of disease in England and Wales.

Box of Broadcasts: Media archive and off-air recording service. Useful for accessing news, cultural and current affairs programmes.

Nexis: UK and international news and business database. Can be used to research local news stories, people and companies as well as global context.

Digimap: Ordnance Survey maps and data.

Skills Support

Use our online tutorials to help you search databases, evaluate the information you find and reference.

Or come to the Level 1 desk in the Information Commons Monday-Friday 1-5 and ask a librarian if you need help using Library systems or finding relevant resources. 

Also stay posted for more useful resources and top tips for researching health inequalities.

Enjoy the challenge!

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