Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Struggling to get hold of the books you need?

Struggling to get hold of the books you need? Ange Greenwood, Counter Coordinator in the IC and the Library’s Resident Reservations Reporter tells us how in seven simple steps …

The University Library has a very effective system in place for ensuring you get the books you need, and we normally supply material within a few days. Here’s how:

  1. Check Star, the catalogue available on the Library tab in MUSE, to find the book you want

  2. Make a note of whether or not it’s out on loan

  3. If it’s not, write down the shelfmark and go to look for it on the shelves at the appropriate Library site

  4. If the book is on loan to someone or you can’t find it on the shelves click on ‘request’ and follow the on-screen instructions (please note that if you choose Information Commons, St Georges Library or Western Bank Library as your collection site, in order to make your item available quickly you may be asked to collect it from any one of these sites)

  5. If you are unable to get to the Library, find the book on Star, click on ‘request’ and follow the instructions

  6. We will email you when your book is ready for collection and tell you which site you should collect it from

  7. Don’t forget that staff are there to help

Remember it’s always quicker to check the shelves yourself rather than place a request, and be aware that if someone else finds the book first they can borrow it.

Ange :-)

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