Monday, 27 October 2008

Endnote Web


Hi Dental Students

Hope the new term is going well.
One of the resources that I am getting many, many queries about at the moment is Endnote Web and so I thought a blog post about this might be timely.

Endnote Web

Have you ever written a report and found that formatting the bibliography has taken almost as long as writing the text? Perhaps you could benefit from using reference management software such as Endnote Web which does all the fiddly formatting for you. Endnote Web is a resource which allows you to manage your references and generate and format a bibliography using different styles, eg Vancouver, Harvard or a style compatible with an academic journal. It allows the import of references from databases such as Medline which can then be used on a cite while you write basis within Word. Endnote Web is available via Web of Knowledge to all members of the University of Sheffield.

Learning to use Endnote Web

More info about Endnote Web is available here

I am, apparently, the University Library’s Endnote Web Oracle! I’ve no idea how I have got myself such a position but if you would like tuition in its use I’m the person to contact. Interested? Let me know. If there is sufficient demand I will run a course. Remember that if you express an interest here on the blog you automatically enter the competition to win an 8gb iPod Nano. If you prefer you can email me directly at


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