Monday, 9 March 2015

New Journal Subscriptions!

The University Library has acquired the following new journals from Cell Press;

  • Cell Stem Cell: a broad-spectrum journal that covers the entire spectrum of stem cell biology.
  • Cancer Cell: covers major advances in cancer research and oncology. Areas covered include molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer, mechanisms for the sensitivity and the resistance to cancer therapies, and development of better cancer therapies.
  • Immunity: reports advances in immunology research. Topics covered include immune cell development and senescence, signal transduction, gene regulation, innate and adaptive immunity, autoimmunity, infectious disease, allergy and asthma, transplantation, and tumor immunology.
We've also got access to two new collections in JoVE, the world's first peer-reviewed scientific video journal; Developmental Biology and Science Education Database

You can access all these new subscriptions via StarPlus. 

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