Monday, 10 March 2014

Spotlight on.... the Trip Database

Trip is a free search engine used to find clinical evidence and  research in the fields of medicine, dentistry and health.

Used by health professionals and members of the public alike the interface is easy to use and incorporates some useful tools, such as a PICO search option where you can easily apply your PICO analysis to generate your search results, and the still developing 'Trip Rapid Review' search option which allows you to analyse multiple research articles at once.

From the simple and advanced search options it's also easy to find a whole range of different types of material. Using the tabs along the top of your search results you can limit your search to resources such as clinical evidence, images, videos, educational tools or patient information sites. The options on the right-hand side of your search results also allows you to further limit the clinical evidence results to resource types such as systematic reviews, case reports or guidelines etc. 

With results including evidence from pubmed, the cochrane database and NICE the quality of the search results seems to be high but remember to always use your own judgement and appraise the evidence for yourself. 

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