Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Top websites for the History of Medicine

While the Library's resources are the number 1 place to go when researching any topic, there will often be plenty of information freely available online too. Just remember to always check the quality of what you find, think about who has produced it, when and why and use your critical thinking skills to assess the reliability of every source you find. 

To get you started here are some reliable sites for the History of Medicine;

Wellcome History - a free magazine produced by the Wellcome Trust;

US National Library of Medicine - History of Medicine;

The International Society for the History of Medicine;

The Science Museum - exploring the History of Medicine;

Thackray Museum - medical museum;

Reliable sites like the ones above will often link to further websites or academic publications so don't just limit your search to google. Find some good sites and use these to guide you in the right direction of high quality resources. 

For help on evaluating the information you find take our online tutorial.

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