Friday, 15 February 2013

10 of the Best: 8# Healthtalk Online

This month on ’10 of the Best’ we’re looking at one of our favourite patient information sites – the award winning, healthtalk online

Working closely with the Health Experiences Research Group at Oxford University, healthtalk online  provides support for over 60 medical conditions by engaging with real patient experiences. With videos, audio clips and interviews, over 2,000 patient stories are presented, from the first symptoms through to diagnosis, treatment and long-term care.
Here's a couple of examples from healthtalk online's section on Parkinson's disease;      

Together these stories provide a fantastic resource for patients, carers or anyone wanting to find out more about the reality of living with a particular condition. However it can also be an invaluable resource for students and medical practitioners. As well as patient stories the site provides information on some of the latest medical research and health care trends. If you click through to the condition you’re interested in there are also extra pages full of links to other reliable resources including books and online publications. So take a look!

(You can also check out some other top patient information sites by following our links in the right hand column...)

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