Monday, 28 January 2013

10 of the Best: 7# Information Skills Resource

This month on '10 of the Best' we’re looking at one of the Library’s top in-house resources – the Information Skills Resource. From here you can find all the latest online tutorials that the Library has designed to help you gain the information skills you need to complete your course successfully. 

So whether you need some help on searching databases like Medline, or you need to find materials for your assignments, or you’re confused about referencing, the Information Skills Resource will have something for you. 

Available from the Library tab in MUSE you can search for tutorials by department or check out the non-subject specific tutorials from the homepage. There’s also a set of tutorials designed specifically for researchers, with guidance on referencing, copyright and on how to produce a literature review. 

Here are just some of the tutorials we think you’ll need the most; 

We’re developing new tutorials all the time so if there’s anything you’re struggling with and you think it should be covered by the Information Skills Resource just let us know!

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