Friday, 21 November 2008

EXAM REVISION: late night opening at HSL-RHH


EXAM REVISION: late night opening at HSL-RHH

The importance to students of late-night opening of the Health Sciences Library at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital has been raised by many Medical and Dental Students and in particular by your MedSoc Student Reps. As a result, the Library is extending the opening hours of HSL-RHH, over the coming examination period, as follows:

Monday 1 December to Friday 5 December, open till 21.30
Monday 5 January 2009 to Friday 9 January, open till 21.30
Monday 26 January 2009 to Friday 30 January, open till 21.30.

On all other weekdays the Library will close at 19.00; Saturday and Sunday opening is unchanged.

The periods are offered as 'revision opening', providing access to books, journals and computers. The Library will be unstaffed apart from a porter.

We will monitor usage of the Library at these times.

Good luck in your exams



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