Monday, 21 April 2008

Ten of the best: 3 myResource Lists

Ten of the best: 3 Star Resource Lists

Your course readings can be accessed via Star Resource Lists. These may include links to electronic resources such as full text journals and websites in addition to items in the Library.


There are three ways to access the Resource Lists:

  1. Via the useful links listed at the right of this blog

  2. Via Minerva. Click onto your appropriate Online Handbook and then click onto the Recommended Reading List. This will take you directly into the Resource List.

  3. Via the library catalogue (Star). Clicking on the Star Resource Lists button will take you into the Resource List welcome page.

Search tips

To view all the lists for your department select from the drop down list on the Welcome page and click go. You can also use the search box in the header bar and from here you can search by keyword, module name or lecturer.

You will need to be logged into MUSE to view the lists with fulltext links.

If you want to print all or part of your list click on the printer icon and a printable version will load.

If you cannot find the list you are looking for please ask at the Library Enquiry Desk and we will investigate.


For further help and advice please contact me

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