Thursday, 20 March 2008

Off campus connections to electronic journals

Did you know that all of the journals listed on the University of Sheffield's eLibrary are available from any internet connection in the world? Connecting off-campus is not always as straightforward as connecting from a University pc and as many of you are away on placement, or going home for Easter, I thought it timely to give you some connection advice. Here is what to do in 8 easy (!) steps:

Step 1: Connect to

Step 2: Login to MUSE

Step 3: Click on the Library tab

Step 4: Select eJournals (under eResources)

Step 5: Select a-z list

Step 6: Find the required title and check the years covered by our subscription. An open ended range indicates that we are still subscribing.

Step7: Click on the required title. The article may open immediately here. If not carry on to step 8.

Step 8: (Where most people fail but it really is easy – once you know how). Connections differ according to the supplier. Often they require you to click on 'login' followed by 'Athens login' or perhaps you will see 'Athens login' immediately. Do not at this stage enter any passwords. All the connections work via MUSE and by simply clicking on 'Athens login' access should be facilitated.

As I said the connection routes vary depending on the supplier and detailed connection instructions for all the suppliers we work with can be found at: If you don’t get access please, please, please contact the Library:

We can advise you of the route in. Do not enter your credit card number as some of the screens suggest. The University Library is paying huge sums of money to the publishing companies for institutional access to these journals and you therefore don't need to pay again. Buy some Easter eggs or something instead ;-) Remember too that if a journal is not part of our holdings we can still get the article for you from the British Library. Medical students get a free allowance (5 per yr) to do this. Ask at the Library Counter for more info.

Happy Easter Med Students. I'm away for a couple of weeks now. Blogging will resume at the beginning of April.

As long as my musculoskeletal system remains intact during my skiing holiday that is :-)



  1. useful! thanks - I can also suggest the athens toolbar for IE and firefox, it can log you into athens automatically and gives you access to all the resources!


  2. Hi Gus

    Thanks for your comment. I have checked this suggestion with our eServices team (the techie people) and this is their response.

    'To get the correct authentication & authorization to access the Library's Athens & non-Athens protected
    eResources, access via MUSE (and by default, the CiCS/Library resolver) is
    essential. This means accessing via the links on the Library's A to Z listings pages is necessary (as these links are prepended with the resolver stem & force you to log into MUSE if you haven't already done so).'

    So, the upshot is that you may not always get access, unless you go via MUSE...

    I'm just looking at how bookmarking frequently visited resources works and I'll post something on the blog about as this may be a way of connecting without quite so many clicks.